Chainlink's On-Chain and Social Fundamentals: A Snapshot of Where We Are

March has been a rollercoaster for LINK Marines, as Chainlink's price fluctuated between $26 and $32 after its late February all-time high of ~$36.83. Let's see how some of its key metrics are looking:

Supply Help by Top 10 Exchange and Non-Exchange Addresses

The top 10 non-exchange LINK holders are holding around 2021-high levels, an encouraging sign. In the same respect, the top 10 exchange LINK holders the lowest amount since November, 2017. This lack of tokens available to sell off is also promising.

Weighted Social Sentiment

LINK is not having a major amount of discussion, and this is actually a good thing. Our studies prove that assets are more likely to rise when crowd discussion is dormant.

Daily Active Addresses & Deposits

Address activity has been declining, but at least deposits are also on the decline.

Whale Supply Distribution

The amount of whale holders with at least 10k $LINK continues to decline, a less than promising indication.

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