Censorship and censure after the Hayes vs Roubini debate

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Jul 3, 2019

Crypto’s archnemesis is back. After squaring off with the likes of Tone Vays, Mike Novogratz and Vitalik himself, the infamous anti-coiner Nouriel Roubini continued his crypto-bashing world tour by debating Arthur Hayes, BitMEX Co-founder & CEO earlier today.

The pre-debate trash talk between the two had all the makings of a 1970s title bout, with Hayes even dubbing the event ‘The Tangle in Taipei’ and tweeting a vintage boxing poster to hype the event:

And while Roubini spent the last few days calling Hayes a drug-pusher and accusing Bitmex of faking their transaction volume data:

Hayes brushed off the ad-hominems and promised to convert Roubini to a BitMEX customer by the end of the event:

The gauntlets were thrown, unpleasantries exchanged, and the crowd was eating the whole thing up:

  • It's all about Arthur these days
  • So, where do I watch Nouriel vs Arthur tomorrow?
  • Quite funny video from Arthur, the debate tomorrow will be fun to watch

Mentions of both debate participants ballooned on crypto social media over the past 48 hours:

And after a week of UFC-worthy teasers, the debate was finally held earlier today as part of the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit - ooor at least we think it was?

As it happens, there’s still no official video of the event, nor was the debate live-streamed. As such, it didn’t take long for Nouriel to call foul play and accuse Hayes of burying the debate video to save face:

Interestingly enough, Hayes didn’t outright deny the accusation but instead claimed the video - when he releases it - will do more harm to Roubini’s reputation than his own:

In the meantime, bullet points from the conversation have already been published on Scribd, for those interested in a sneak preview of the debate:

Overall (and personal attacks aside), it looks like a typical anti-crypto argument was put forward by Roubini, with an equally ordinary rebuttal from Hayes. And while some early tweets suggest the debate was even but overall paltry, both Hayes and Roubini are already circling their victory lap:

Not known to wait for rumour confirmations, the cryptoverse already went ahead and made Hayes the clear debate winner:

  • King Arthur👑
  • What did Arthur do that poor man?
  • arthur is just liquidating ppl left and right

And really, until/unless the video surfaces, who’s to say differently anyway? In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and officially crown a third winner of the Nouriel vs Hayes debate: Santiment.

‘But wait’, I hear you yelp, ‘Santiment wasn’t part of this event in any way, shape or form.’ Well, I beg to differ - and am prepared to go so far as to say that we - to borrow a verb from Mr. Roubini - ‘dusted’ both Nouriel and Arthur with our bulletproof rhetoric and witty comebacks. And really, until we see the tape, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Your move, Hayes.

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Jul 3, 2019

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