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I will make this short and sweet.

Many are excited about the recent upturn of events in the crypto space, a lot of assets rising up significantly in the last few days.

First and foremost, the signals on my Volatility adjusted screener (using Santiment data) are displaying a lot of red, mostly pertaining to shorter term metrics, which means we are reaching the threshold for some short-term price reversion.

However, short term does not limit the potential for a medium term price movement to the upside.

So the question remains whether we are in a sustainable move in the medium term - long term?

Pertaining to the 2023 macroeconomic outlook, you can read my substack updates, where i cover a lot of what is going on in the macro world.

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But the short and sweet end of it implies that we do have to be cautious looking forward for risk assets, and liquidity driven assets - that includes cryptocurrencies.


For one, there is a lot of incentive to drive assets up right now for smart money players. The unexpected rate cycle was so aggressive, it surprised most. This implies a lot of debt is still circulating in the system and it aint getting cheaper.

With credit being tight and margins being squeezed, I still remain pessimistic about the future of risk assets.

Again, this does not mean the prices won't drive up further - it's not a zero sum chance.

So, moving forward I would be cautious with how far we get before the macroeconomic environment state settles itself.

In the meantime, longer term hodlers be hodling and new supply is moving onchain at a rapid pace, implying that supply is building up a strong base of support at these levels.

This can be seen in age metrics and also with MVRV 30d and MVRV ST (<180d). With the rise of Bitcoin from from 16-20.8k, we see the 30d and <180d moving into positive territory. This implies that a large influx of new cohorts have been accumulating at the ranges - increasing their cost basis from the lows.

This is very solid development moving forward for bitcoin and the health of the network.

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