Cardano begins rolling out incentivized testnet

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Nov 12, 2019
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Cardano (ADA) just conducted their balance check for their incentivized testnet phase as they head into their next development stage codenamed "Shelley" era.

This will see ADA taking its first initial steps towards decentralization by allowing the community to earn rewards through delegating their stake or running nodes.

Do note that the balance check was just a "dry run". The actual testnet snapshot has yet to be revealed and the Cardano team will providing further updates along the way.

Price action

This initial snapshot event did not see any significant price spikes while social volume continues to increase.

Crowd reactions

  • Can anybody tell me can I delete wallet after I have move my ada to Daedalus or yoroi?
  • What is the benefit to having your ADA in Deadalus for the incentivized testnet snapshot?
  • I'm honestly confused on the whole incentivzised testnet. How much real ADA can be earned from participating?
  • What does this mean to those who hold ADA in exchanges? In the Video Charles says those people cant participate in the Testnet? Is the testnet the real deal? Or can we stake in the future when the real release is made?

    I understand the more testers the better but those like me who are not the best technically i dont want to risk testing my ADA anywhere, but im also worried if i dont move it now i can never stake? answer please

Looks like the crowd is looking forward to participating in the testnet. However, most were uncertain about the process.

On-chain support

ADA on-chain metrics are unavailable at the moment. Please let us know here if you would like us to add them.

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Nov 12, 2019

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