BTC bounces and bullish attitude emerges

Sorting the bitcoinmarkets subreddit by “Best” gives the following comments in the top 3:

“The last couple of days have seen my buy high sell low philosophy really blossom” -
23 pts

“I am proud to say that for the first time in my life I finally have a full BTC..just going to step away for a bit” - 21 pts

“closed my short at 8800, I think we'll see some kind of bounce here . . . happy weekend everyone” - 19 pts

The bullish attitude (which includes the 1st one which suggests it made a “low”) would suggest there could be more downward market movement, from the point of view of counter-sentiment trading. Further to this point, during this dumping everyone on crypto subreddits has been very dismiss of the movement of the old coins as a cause for concern, and a large portion reject the idea they are Satoshi‘s coins.

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