BTC as the save haven

It should be clear by now that BTC isn't going to become to be a "P2P payment" instrument.

We believe its main purpose is to replace (eventually) the "save haven" assets like Gold.

Are we there yet? Let's see the chart.

BTC vs Gold vs Stock market, the last 2 years

Green line is the BTC price, yellow is for Gold and blue for the stock market (represented here by S&P500).

It's quite fascinating to see just how "competing" these asset classes are.

In the latest stage of "cheap money with no inflation" (marked as "speculative fever" on the chart above) BTC was doing the best. We grew above 6x in a very short period of time. But what goes up fast, has to go down as well. For that reason and, most importantly, in preparation to the next stage, price of BTC has stopped pushing the sky. Moreover, it moved down to around 40k, followed eventually by the stock prices as well.

Once we have shifted to the stage "inflation is coming" (see these two red arrows in the right part of the chart), neither BTC nor SPX were able to claim the tops anymore.
Instead, gold (the real one) started to "shine".

Does it mean, all is lost and we should move our attention (and money) back to old-style "risk hedge" - gold?

We believe the answer (though not an investment advice) would be "yes" and then "no".

"Yes" - we could see substantial growth of the gold price in the next 3-6 months. Could be faster or slower - just pay attention to the crowd (and media). They will go "all in" at or near the top.

"No" - at that moment crowd and media go "all in" and perhaps start "bashing" BTC as a useless "risk hedge", we might be entering the rare "window of opportunity".

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