BNB's future - Only way is up according to the crowd...

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Apr 23, 2019

As BNB continues to make new ATHs closer to its mainnnet public access and token swap, we can observe that the crowd sentiment continues to inch towards over-the-top optimism.

People are starting to believe that BNB's marketcap will surpass ETH's within the next few months, with some calling BNB to be $500 - $5,000 in the future. Hopium much?

The crowd especially in the Binance telegram group is currently having the "BNB price can only go up" mentality, like it's a sure win bet if anyone is looking to put some money into crypto.


Some of the reasons behind the crowd's rational that BNB can't fail include:

  • BNB outperformed most/if not all cryptos during the bear market
  • More IEOs ahead
  • It is still undervalued
  • Binance Chain and how projects will be migrating to it

So far, Binance has proven itself that it's able to drive demand-side use cases and continues to do so. Hats off to that.

BNB notable events so far this year :

16th Jan - 6th Token burn and EUR/GDP pair launch

28th Jan - Bittorrent token sale on Launchpad

25th Feb - token sale on Launchpad

19th March - Celer token sale on Launchpad

24th Mar - Update of Launchpad format to lottery system

18th Apr - Binance Chain main net goes live

23rd Apr - Binance Chain public access and token swap

But the really question remains, will it defy the post main net/ token swap dump effect that is observed for most coins? Or will Binance have more up its sleeves to keep the crowd excited and continue its price discovery?

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Apr 23, 2019

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