Bittorent demands BNB and TRX

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Garry Kabankin
Jan 22, 2019

ICO are dead?

Not sure.

One project is gaining interest - Bittorent (BTT):

The crowdsale is going to happen on January 28.

What's interesting is that BTT tokens are supposed to be sold not for ETH as usual, but for TRX and BNB.

It means the higher hype around BTT is closer to the sale date, the more demand on TRX and BNB may be expected.

Check it on Santiment Dashboards?

BNB tokens are being withdrawn from the exchange
A bit more speculators in BNB detected

This way the dates of BTT crowdsale (January 28) or close to it might be local tops both for BNB and TRX.

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Garry Kabankin
Jan 22, 2019

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