Bitcoin, Tether, and USD Coin Still Moving Slowly Out of Shark & Whale Wallets... For Now

🐳 As the #crypto weekend begins, shark & whale tiers for #Bitcoin & top #stablecoins remain mildly down:

💰 10-10K #Bitcoin wallets: 66.27% of supply

💰 100K-10M #Tether wallets: 33.98% of supply

💰 100K-10M #USDCoin wallets: 35.49% of supply

Several events can still help trigger another #bullcycle for the #cryptocurrency sector as we saw in October, November, and December. But whale accumulation of these three assets, in particular, would be a key #bullish signal that many traders would welcome as the $BTC halving is now just under 14 weeks away. Stay tuned to see whether key stakeholders now load up.

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