Bitcoin Cash pumps "wild". What about merging with DASH?

Saturday's emerging trends overview

One of the most trending coins on Saturday was Bitcoin Cash.

It's amount of mentions made a third noticeable spike since September:

BCH Social Volume as seen on Sanbase

First spike was related to 40% price rally in October. Second - to humble 8% increase. Lets see what's behind the last spike. If there is anything except 10% price growth in a week.

Quick social channels overview shows no solid background for this price move.

Okay, plotting a "moodmap" from latest messages:

Interesting thing here is a clear sentiment segregation: only telegram users on the left (positive), only discord users on the right (negative).

Any news published today related to BCH?

Aha, Amanda B. Johnson, one of the best known Dash promoters and a supervisor of DashInvest has proposed the merger of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and DASH:

Of course it's just a funny tweet.

Don't know how two different blockchains might be merged at this moment.

Both projects are forks of Bitcoins but having different node structures. While Bitcoin Cash uses a pure Proof of Work (SHA-256), DASH has a two-layer model.

Anyway I'm joining the fun here.

Remember the first name of DASH?
Before rebranding.
It's "Dark Coin"

Dark Coin + Bitcoin Cash = Dark Cash

Thanks for reading!

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