Bitcoin at 50K overview

Whenever Bitcoin is at 50K we probably need to pay attention to it. Below is a small overview from perspective of a few different metrics.

1. Funding rate (Binance)

Recently we've added a new metric, funding rate on Binance. It falls along with existing funding rate on Bitmex metric. And it looks like that BTC funding rate on Binance is going crazy:

Source: Sanbase

It seems like we've got a bullish consensus among the derivatives traders. Historically spikes in funding rate have coincided with upcoming price tops. It's not necessarily that it's going to happen immediately but it's a sign that people are becoming a bit too confident about what's going on with BTC price. There's still a room to go before we reach a danger zone.

2. Active addresses

We're very close to 50K price level. Once we break it, we should see a rise above 1M active addresses daily:

Source: Sanbase

Because similar to Ethereum, the last time we were at 50K, it was an average level of network activity. BTC could go higher.


MVRV still remains relatively low:

Source: Sanbase

Once again, there's more room to grow before we reach dangerous levels.

To grow to a new all time high possibly.

Charts used.

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