Binance Smart Chain and it's top performers overview

Assets covered: BNB, CAKE, XVS, TWT, BURGER

Metrics used: Social volume, Development activity

Binance is trending lately. For many reasons, BNB pumping, ADA staking, increased load etc. One thing is quite overwhelming in some sense:

Binance Smart Chain daily transactions count overtook Ethereum daily transactions count:
Source: Etherscan
Source: BSCscan

Is it caused by crazy Ethereum transaction fees? We don't know. But we know for sure, there are quite a lot nice products and profitable tokens on Binance Smart Chain, not yet overcrowded. Remember Ethereum transaction costs less than a dollar? Long long ago in a distant galaxy. Or right now on Binance Smart Chain. DEX, farming - it's all available there too.

We selected five most representative native BSC tokens for a brief overview of Binance Smart Chain. It's:

  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • PancakeSwap (CAKE)
  • Venus (XVS)
  • Trust Wallet Token (TWT)
  • Burger Swap (BURGER)

BNB doesn't need a presentation, CAKE and BURGER are DEXes, TWT is a wallet, XVS stands for lending and yield farming.

First, this is how their price performance looking like:

All five following the same path, no one seems to be special. Except may be TWT, it was first to pump. On Binance listing perhaps.

Next metric to compare is social volume:

No wonder BNB is most popular with two highest spikes in December and January. TWT with a couple of lower spikes. And CAKE with just one single spike of interest early December. XVS and BURGER social volumes are very low relative to leaders.

Next - development activity:

TWT is an impressive leader here. CAKE a bit behind. Interesting that Binance devactivity is disappearing low compared to leaders. This could be if Binance repositories are closed for public access.

Would be interesting to compare TWT and CAKE devactivity with ERC20 strongest competitors - UNI and SUSHI:

This is something we didn't expect. UNI and SUSHI devactivity is much lower than CAKE on TWT on Binance Smart Chain. No wonder BSC projects are getting more and more traction.

All charts from this post

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