Binance: FUD or not

"Binance" is leading a troop of trending topics on Tuesday, December 13th, according to Top 10 Hourly Trends tool.

If we combine all words connected to Binance FUD and visualize it's dominance across crypto social media, we can see this:

Source: Sanbase

It's huge. It's almost 24% of all messages.

For comparizon, "cpi" takes 0.43% domination, see for yourself:

Source: Sanbase

Next, Binance has a massive own blockchain populated with thousands of popular coins. Which ones are most responsive to the topic? In other words, most active.

We can use a screener based on active addresses count filter. Top coins are:

Source: Sanbase

Most action takes place in stablecoins on BNB Chain, wallet coins and a few other popular ones.

Finally, lets have a look at rather big BUSD holders behaviour:

Source: Sanbase

They are decreasing their holdings and that’s a sign of, lets say, a stressed market.

People don’t trust, finally, a centralized stablecoin.

Do you?

Thanks for reading!

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