Be Cautious! Market is overleveraged!

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Oct 26, 2021

Twitter: Daily__Dopamine

In the current state of the market the on chain data is telling us the market is healthy, however one thing which has been historically indicative of a potential market flush: High open interest in the perpetual market. What does this mean: People are longing the market and from the graph shown below, its quite over leveraged. When markets cant sustain this type of volume, it becomes quite possible for a potential flush (as history indicates). We can study historical data and speculate a possible scenario, but many factors can also be attributed to this spike. Therefore, be cautious and observe, and study the market, but we should never speculate a next move without more knowledge about the subject. This is one side of story. Other than the Futures market looking wary, on-chain is still looking super healthy regarding supply, network Dynamics, whale accumulation etc.

For more recent updates on the market please follow me. My name is Daily__Dopamine on twitter, ill try and do more frequent updates on the market as I progress my studies into this space.

Patrick Rychter,

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Oct 26, 2021

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