BCH block size discussions return

Last week Bitcoin Cash stress test clogged network and BCH became trendy:

Few days later Amaury Sechet, the lead Bitcoin Cash ABC developer had a public talk on BCH conference. Various topics covered, block size as well of course. This was a first splash of interest to Amaury. Next one detected yesterday:

Let's figure out why and what it might mean for BCH.

Alright, this is the source of buzz - hundreds of comments appeared on reddit under the transcript of that Amaury's talk https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/d18wpx/transcript_of_bitcoin_abcs_amaury_sechet/

Checking related moods for BCH itself:

- BCH is still a must to invest project

- BTC is so slow. BCH is super quick and cheaper. Thoughts?

- apart from bch , only dash has a lot of good news

- I am going to go into a long on BCH this week though

- I love seeing BCH take off like this.

Hmm, all positive, despite heavy technical debates above.

Social volume for BCH:

Descending trend on social volume

To sum up:

Latest social buzz on BCH triggered by Amaury is followed by mostly positive expectations on descending social volume. Wouldn't call it a nice atomic fuel for rapid price movements, especially upwards.

Thanks for reading!

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