ARPA vs Carry - The verdict is in

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Nov 6, 2019

Round 2 of the Binance community coin vote event for Carry vs ARPA kicked off on Tuesday (first announced on 28th Oct).

To incentivize voting, Binance is rewarding participants with ARPA and Carry (CRE) airdrops.

Social volume

With the rewards campaign, it's no wonder mentions of both tokens are trending pretty hard.

Observing the mentions, ARPA appears to be a relatively unknown project with little to no mentions of it in the past 3 months until recently with mentions surpassing Carry's.

Meanwhile Carry was actively talked about over the past 3 months but remains not as popular as ARPA in the recent spike.

This is probably due to ARPA having their AMA during this period the price action. ARPA has been on a nice uptrend since start of October while Carry hasn't really seen a nice uptrend as ARPA.

Infact ,the price tumbled following the community vote event. Has the tribe spoken?

ARPA Social volume
CRE Social volume

Crowd's reaction

  • Carry dont stand a chance
  • Carry is Loser .. Sell carry and buy Arpa 😁
  • Neither arpa chain nor carry are pumping this timeπŸ˜‚
  • Carry is Loser .. Sell carry and buy Arpa 😁
  • ARPA is leading in Binance community project vote. 8x to 10x profit is the next target for ARPA as soon as is listed on binance tomorrow just as NKN. I Made it on NKN and I'm ready for ARPA. Every marketer will be rich

The Verdict?

Well, no surprises here.... ARPA won by an overwhelming amount of votes over Carry.

ARPA votes: 90,515

Carry votes: 17,377

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Nov 6, 2019

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