ARN finally get its Binance Chain pump

The latest Binance-related coin to pump, Aeron (ARN) has improved by 30% on Sunday followed by a sharp decline, only to then repeat that same pattern earlier today:

Arn's 1-week price action

An aviation project aiming to prevent flight logs from being falsified or altered, Aeron was the fifth Ethereum-based project to announce moving to Binance Chain earlier this month, citing “inexpensive transactions” and “fast blockchain” among reasons for the switch.

The announcement did little to ARN’s price action initially, as the coin continued to trade sideways up until Bitcoin decided to pump the whole market. Today’s (and yesterday’s) rally is the first notable post-announcement spike for ARN, likely in anticipation of the project migrating to Binance Chain:

  • When is ARN switching to Binance chain?
  • ARN migrating to binance chain early next month
  • ARN moon

Some in the cryptoverse are comparing ARN’s upswing to that of PHB (previously Red Pulse Phoenix or PHX), which completed its migration to Binance Chain 3 days ago and experienced an impromptu pump soon thereafter:

  • Doesn't matter Arn and bcpt will continue pumping like phb
  • Arn, Bcpt, Wpr and Phb are good to go 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

As mentioned, Aeron’s coin was eventually brought back to earth (tee hee), losing over 14% since its daily high, with the community sentiment quickly turning against the token:

  • What a shock matic, Arn and phb are in top 5 losers, a lot of you got played by the shillers in this room!!
  • ARN dumped on me

Still, ARN’s immediate price action could mean it’s not ready to hit that eject button just yet. The coin was comfortably in the red for the day as I started this post, but has since decided to try yet another lift-off, and is currently back to +3.9% for the day. No dull day in Binance land it seems:

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