Another gateway for Ethereum adoption

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Garry Kabankin
Jun 21, 2019

One of the biggest networks, Cloudflare, announced an Ethereum Gateway on Wednesday.

It lets users interact with the Ethereum network without installing any software.

For free.

“ETH and IPFS are big names in very small space — the crypto space. But in a broader audience they’re not very well known, not commonly understood. Part of this announcement is to help elevate the profile of these protocols… to solve difficult problems with distributed computing.”

How did the crowd react:

  • do people not know cloudflare? wen pamp?
  • Oo cloudflare made an eth node as an alternative to infura
  • cloudflare ethereum gateway. HUGE....
  • To be honest, I get WAY more excited about infrastructure announcements like these than I do about any one company developing on Ethereum.
  • Price action is ridiculous. The backbone of the internet put us under their umbrella (Cloudflare), market doesn't care. At one point the price will just explode and many, including some greedy etherians, will be left out.
  • Guys feel the Cloudflare pump? Because i dont!
  • First Google, now CloudFlare... Ethereum might actually be part of the future.

Quite an excitement.

Only one negative one found so far:

  • Cloudflare is ran by really bad people to be real. The CEO has a horrible reputation in the valley and their sales people are the worst. I’d avoid anything this place touches to be honest. Very questionable ethics.

Let's have a look at ETH onchain data. Are there any interesting patterns.

Yeah, found one. Deposits of Ether decreased significantly after previous local high:

Now looking at the social volume.

  1. It's amount for ETH itself is still very low:

2. Despite the excitement above it's amount is no way high:

3. Adoption talks around Ether are also not seeing a new high:

6m high was detected on March 27th, when Wuabit mobile wallet announced an option to send ETH via WhatsApp.

P.S. At the moment of writing this insight ETH went up +5% in USD.

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Garry Kabankin
Jun 21, 2019

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