Analyzing the Decline in Bullish and Bearish Bitcoin Sentiments

Bull & Bear sentiments

I have seen a lot of comments on social media regarding the end of the bull market. What is the general trend in social media?

Bullish Sentiment (Red Bars):

  • The trend line for bullish sentiment shows a gradual decline over time. This indicates that, despite some spikes, the overall volume of bullish mentions has been decreasing.

Bearish Sentiment (Blue Bars):

  • The trend line for bearish sentiment also shows a decline, but it is less pronounced than the bullish sentiment. This suggests that the volume of bearish mentions has also been decreasing, although not as steeply as the bullish mentions.


The declining trend in both sentiments might indicate a period of consolidation or reduced market excitement after significant price movements.

It's essential to monitor these trends in conjunction with other market indicators better to understand the potential future movements in the Bitcoin market.

Live chart

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