ADA, what's next?

In this article, I want to help you predict the direction of ADA.

Sharks and Whales are off-loading. Since May, they sold 600M ADA and they seem to be actively trade any change in direction.

Balance of Addresses Holding between 100k-10M ADA

On the next chart, I used Network Realized Profit/Loss divided by actual price. We see some signs of capitulation similar to March 2020 (Covid crash), however you will notice that those big capitulation events happen in 2 waves with the second wave shorter than the first. Usually the first wave attracts traders who want to make a quick buck on the bounce, before losing everything on the second wave in a few days or weeks.


ADA seems to be a popular coin with strong believers. We haven't seen any hate and/or indifference for ADA yet. This is shown clearly on Social Volume.

Social Volume

Lastly, using some good old TA, we can clearly see some gaps in volume especially around 0.19-0.24 usd. The reason why volume gaps are important, it is due to the fact that many traders didn't chase price after those levels weren't retested enough. This means that new blood may enter once the gaps are filled and increase chances of reversal.

ADA/USDT on Binance using Fixed Range Volume Profile

I hope you enjoyed and that this article showed you a different point of view.

Comment below your bottom prices for ADA:

  • 0.06-0.10 usd
  • 0.19-024 usd
  • 0.34-0.38 usd

Do you think we have already bottomed? Let me know in the comments section.

Have a nice day on-chainers!

Thanks for reading!

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