A story of liquidity: a challenge or opportunity

Assets covered: YFI and KP3R

Metrics used: Exchange Inflow, Age Consumed

It's probably a typical end of the years period when there is a rapidly decreasing liquidity in everything except BTC and may be ETH. Price action has only to do with this.

But there are opportunities.

Opportunities are either:

- Fishing orders, expecting a lack of liquidity can push prices lower.

- Or picking tokens which are less talking more doing. Hi Molly!

There are quite some of this sort of tokens. According to our radar we have at least five in DeFi space.

A lack of liquidity is both a problem and opportunity.

There is a special word for this in Chinese:

It's combining "a challenge" and "opportunity" at the same time.

Exactly as the market is now, combining challenge and opportunity. Just do the smart choice.

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