A signal from reverted crowd sentiment on BTC

Well if you sell at the shoulders, buy back at the toes, sell the knees, buy the toes and then sell at the eyes, then finally buy back at the toes and you'll be laughing*

Looks like we've got a very nice bullish signs today coming from Emerging social trends:

First is lots of talks about bearish head and shoulders pattern.

Second is "Mega gigantic dump" alert visible in some chats.

Third: "buy the deep" narrative has gone.

You know what it means, right?

Probably now is a good time to "buy the dip", as the crowd moved away from this.

It's seen on this narrative's social volume chart:

A snapshot from different social channels (most clear and expressive mentions of H&S):

And it seems that most smart guys unconvinced by "Head and shoulders" pattern are posting on reddit. Bearish sentiment dominating overall.

You know what this all means.


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* - one redditor posted this sentence today

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