A descending triangle in BTC

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Garry Kabankin
Sep 5, 2019
I’ve heard rumors of the triangle

Fitting BTC chart in any sorts of triangles is kinda trendy today.

First - on wide time frame

Second - on shorter daily chart

Third - even shorter time frame

And what are the news articles saying about this?

  • BTC is heavy, a correction may be around the corner
  • A short-term scenario where there is a possibility of a bullish breakout and a medium-term scenario where the price is showing a bearish bias
  • Wait and trade the break of the triangle when it happens

Social buzz:

  • Right now everyone here seems bearish while I'm still very concerned
  • Went long based on everyone being so sure and historic upwards in Sept
  • We are in a descending triangle but that doesn't mean Bitcoin MUST follow it
  • That horse is going to the glue factory soon. I don't think it is going to break up out of its triangle.
  • Descending triangle is a meme. If one whale decides to break rank. It’s done.
  • 4h Cup n Handle inside a bigger descending triangle on daily. I'm confused on which will play out

Meme of the day:

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Garry Kabankin
Sep 5, 2019

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