ETH, what's next?

This is the second article of the series "What's next". Go check the article on ADA if you have free time.

Let's go step by step on my overall thinking:

Top Non Exchange Wallets / Top Exchange Wallets

Top whales are abnormally accumulating compared to the top exchanges. This is not a normal behavior and it may punish the "top of the chain" investors. Either Dexes profit from this behavior or either ETH price corrects severely.

Number of Addresses

There is a switch from distribution to accumulation around the time that El Salvador announced it was legalized to use of BTC. Crypto traders took this message as "time to buy ETH"

VWAP ICO & VWAP El Salvador Legalization

The VWAP El Salvador shows that the average investor is down 45% since the announcement. This goes to say that ETH investors have confidence for the overall trend of the price movement and they are diamond hands which is another bearish sign. (if we compare VWAP with Number of Addresses Accumulation since the same period)

Daily Active Addresses /Price

DAA/Price is a personal indicator you can use if you want to see how fair is the value of the network at the current price. Historically, we are far from undervalued conditions which is a bit concerning.

The overall confidence of the sharks/whales into ETH should be an issue to be addressed. It seems that not a lot of smart money is part of the ETH whales anymore. Wondering why.....

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