0xdawg is serving: free on-chain lunch with feat Bancor and Coinbase Pro

Price vs. Holder Distribution

It should be impossible but with enough glue, experience and on-chain data predicting Coinbase Pro pumps is possible.

How can it done? What are the ingredients?
As follows, dear sirs:

1) know the Coinbase supported currencies table by heart

2) Closely monitor Price vs. Holders Distribution (see above)
3) Look out for this:

Whales dumping on falling volume and rangelocked price until ... they met the Coinbase CEO on the Subway.

We see whales in the 10k - 1M bracket steadily dumping until 12. December, when they changed course drastically and went to war. Public exchange volume picked up approx 12-24 hours later later. What does this tell us?

The crowd (brown line) was not smarter, they are just loyally accumulating and distirbuting amongst each other, like they should. They are lunch and a tasty lunch needs fat, and fat comes from complacent and impatient low-cap traders. No sympathy here.

Large holders managed to reaccumulate to values from two days prior without pushing the price too high. If you had price tickers close by in the recent days you may have gotten the feels to check out BNT again.

This insight is to remind you to CHECK when your FEELS tell you to. Now you know what to look for. 0xdawg out.

Thanks for reading!

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