$CVC bet using just Exchange Flow and Token circulation

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Oct 17, 2018

Today, we'll look at two metrics and do a test with them.

Using the exchange flow metric, we can notice a huge inflow but minimal price movements. $CVC has been trading between 1700 sats and 2100 sats following this inflow. Have also observed some market making activity in the order books. If true, then this inflow may be more of a MM or insider preparing for what's to come instead of a massive dumpage.

1. Exchange flow- Spike in Inflow, but no massive dumpage

Token circulation is also looking rather healthy atm. Not much hot tokens circulating. Noticed a huge amount of the supply is mainly dormant and has aged into the 12m - 18 m period. This helps to reduce risk. However if tokens from these periods start to move, please stay alert

2. Token Circulation looking flat mostly = good.

Putting some skin in the game to test this metric out, bought some $CVC. Let's see where it goes in the next few weeks. Granted, we have to be mindful of macro factors in the market, e.g if BTC breaks down, all bets are off.

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Oct 17, 2018

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