🎉 SanX 🎉

I am excited to announce that Santiment now has its own Index SanX🤘, powered by crypto-native metrics and years of behavioural analysis.

As you know, Santiment has been a leading provider of crypto-related data tools, and expertise for several years now. True to our mission to decentralize market intelligence, our first index is built as a DeFi app, controlled by oracles and smart contracts.

👐 Santiment provides an oracle based on the coins’ MVRV ratio to the Mainnet, which anyone can use and integrate in their own defi projects. Our first iteration of the Santiment index is built using open-source TokenSets.

Minting new Santiment Index tokens (SANX) is coming soon. You can leave your request to join our crypto-native index using this form - https://forms.gle/sdg7LMbqzzTKZV5T7 and be among the first SANX holders.

Like with SanR, the SAN token will be a cornerstone of the Santiment Index, powering its governance and other use cases. More details to come soon.

Santiment Index - https://sanx.santiment.net

Address of SanX - 0xc7c9f0d98123d48f6720cd36d0da09b603173613

You can check the current balance, token distribution and Index perfomance using the below tools:

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