$YGG Let's take a look at what happens.

1. The number of 24-hour active addresses increased significantly from 90 to 164.

There were 6 transactions over $100,000 and 1 transaction over $1 million, resulting in a significant shift in volume.

(For reference, if you follow the moving wallet, you can see that it is gathered on the Binance Exchange.)

2. The loss index was large (3.53M). When someone made a big stop loss in this way, it often led to price pumping.

The daily circulation volume increased significantly from 234K to 3M.

When the circulation in the market increases, the price appears in the direction of rising or falling. But in light of the above case, will there be a rise?

3. The current price is located in the opportunity section based on the 30-day MVRV. We believe this is a good time to buy until the price rises by at least $3. In other words, the price is expected to go up by more than $3.

$YGG Let's take a look at what happens. Will the token be listed on Upbit?

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