"Buy the dip" second time on radars

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Garry Kabankin
Jun 5, 2019

Bitcoin heading down since Monday, painting first 3d red candle since April:

"Buy the dip" became trendy on socials.

"Buy every deep" means "hope", "strong believe" - generally very positive mood, irrationally good, when the crowd isn't concerned anymore about the possible price drop.

Did it spike?

Well, yes. But consensus had been stronger on May 17th.

News articles titles:


  • Hell no buy the dip its peaked and will dip real soon
  • First time today since April 2nd, when i had to close after longing a dip, to avoid a big loss. It means two things. Whatever was pushing bitcoin up relentlessly, just stopped doing it. Secondly, a break of a parabolic move might lead to a big retrace.
  • actually f*k you guys. i'm off to buy the dip.
  • meh, I think the bulls get the bounce now, then we will have another significant dip.
  • buy the dip or get the f outta crypto
  • beautiful dip for loooongers!
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Garry Kabankin
Jun 5, 2019

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