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May 10

Keep a Close Eye on Velo and Uma Volatility as the Top Trending Tokens in Crypto Friday! 10-05-24, 06:43

📈🗣️ $VELO has been gaining a great deal of traction amongst #crypto traders lately, being referred to as the "XRP of South East Asia". In 6 weeks, its price is +358%. Meanwhile, $UMA has seen a big jump in interest following its +50% gain over the past 36 hours.

See the #bullish and #bearish explanations for both assets, as well as breakdowns for the entire top 10 trending list on the Santiment Trending Coins page here!

Apr 18

Always Monitor Top Trending Tokens Like VELO and OMNI, Even When Markets Have Taken a Tumble 18-04-24, 00:35

🗣️ Regardless of your stance on #altcoins after major market-wide plummets over the past week, keep an eye on top trending assets like:

🪙 $VELO : The project aims to create a #trustless financial infrastructure with #smartcontracts, making transactions cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Additionally, it offers fractional transactions, allowing users to transact assets against their #realworld value without needing to own a whole asset.

🪙 $OMNI: The project offers interoperability features, and is notable for the support it has received from top exchangeslike #Coinbase and #Binance. The project aims to integrate #Ethereum's rollup ecosystem into a unified network, addressing the fragmentation issue faced by #Layer2 solutions on Ethereum.

Keep tabs on the top trending coins on an hourly basis to see what projects are driving markets in both #bullish and #bearish conditions with the #Santiment Trending Tokens dashboard here!