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Jan 26

Is Bitcoin On its Way to Catch Up to the Monster SP500 Profits? 26-01-24, 21:41

📊 #Bitcoin crept over $42K today, even though #altcoins are not following suit (yet). The #SP500 had just made a new #AllTimeHigh yesterday, and the #bullish argument for #crypto is that $BTC and other large caps may 'regress to the mean' and play catch-up with the #equities markets. The #cryptocurrency sector has really lagged behind stock markets, particularly after it began deviating in the opposite direction back on January 17th.

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Dec 27

Crypto, Gold, and Equities All Enjoyed Incredible Rebounds in 2023! 27-12-23, 20:48

🥳📊 2023 is going down in the books as one of the best performing years of the century, accounting for multiple major sectors. #Bitcoin and #Ethereum are still within reach of breaking 1.5+ year highs, which were just established 3 weeks ago.

  • Bitcoin: Current market price of $43,157. If the asset gains +2.9% more in value, it will break a 20-month high
  • Ethereum: Current market price of $2,350. If the asset gains +1.6% more in value, it will break a 20-month high
  • S&P 500: Current market price of $4,775. The sector has just reached another 23-month high as traders are optimistic about interest rate reductions in early 2024.
  • Gold: Current market price of $2,089. If the precious metal gains +2.3% more in value, it will break a new all-time high

Dec 14

Will These Final 2 Weeks of 2023 Be BOOM or BUST For Crypto Markets? 14-12-23, 20:07

📺 #Crypto markets have been all over the place this past week, but they have been rebounding as of late after #altcoin hype died down. Check out our video market update with @Minted_Max to talk about how the remainder of 2023 should shake out!

Nov 28

Cryptocurrency and Equity Sectors are Correlating Tightly Once Again 28-11-23, 02:51

📊 #Bitcoin (+6.9%), #Ethereum (+12.2%) #SP500 (+8.5%), and #gold (+1.5%) have had encouraging November performances. Particularly with the stock market, it has rapidly caught up to #crypto over these past couple weeks. If $BTC makes a run from here without stocks following suit, this would be a strong sign that the correlation between sectors is breaking once again, which is typically a recipe for a #cryptocurrency #bullmarket.

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