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Ethereum Closing in on $4K as ERC20's Erupt With Whale Activity 8-03-24, 07:11

📈🐳 #Ethereum's market value is up to $3,920 and the #2 cap ranked market price ratio vs. #Bitcoin is +9.5% in the past 3 days. When these kinds of price dominance flips occur, we often see profits quickly redistribute, and whales becoming very active in #ERC20-based #altcoins.

$FTM, $FET, $RNDR, $ZRX, and $RSR have all recently had (at least) 3-month high spikes in the amount of $100K+ transactions happening on their networks. The respective projects have seen large market cap surges along with the $ETH rise as well.

Check out the link to the pictured chart here.

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Feb 25

Massive Altcoin Transactions Coinciding With Local Tops This Week 25-02-21, 05:41

Sometimes one or two major individual transactions alone are enough to reveal that a whale selloff may send an asset spiraling.

Here are a couple assets seeing HUGE transactions the last few days:

Kyber Network - $26M (2/22)

KNC had a flurry of large transactions Monday, including 13m tokens swapping exchange addresses.

The spike in on-chain transaction volume and exchange inflow has predictably sent KNC downward.

0x Protocol - $44M (2/19)

The 28M ZRX tokens sent from a whale to exchange address marked the highest USD value transfer in the token's 3.5-year history.

Prices have been very volatile since, but it did drop massively during the market-wide correction Monday. Note the major exchange inflow spikes highlighted!

Feb 8

Token Age Consumed - Assets to Watch 8-02-21, 06:26

Token Age Consumed has been a steadfast metric our community has relied upon to spot mid to long-term price direction reversals. This extremely useful Santiment metric reveals the amount of tokens changing addresses, multiplied by the time since they last moved.

This metric is often used to spot local tops, but it can also be used to see signs of dormant tokens moving with the intention of pushing UP prices. Some examples of some recent spikes on this metric are given in the following assets below:

Chainlink ($LINK)

Chainlink's pattern of Friday age consumed spikes continued with its largest occurring a couple days ago. Be careful with one occurring at a local top.

Kyber Network ($KNC)

Kyber Network is seeing the beginnings of a rebound, and some major dormant token movement appears to be supporting it!

0x ($ZRX)

Without an age consumed spike supporting 0x's price rebound, we're a bit pessimistic about a higher high.

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