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Jun 1

May 29

Shiba Inu and Dogwifhat Causing Major Stirs While Trading Volumes Skyrocket 29-05-24, 16:59

😺🐢 #ShibaInu (+12% in 3 days) & #DogWifHat (+30% in 3 days) are the top trending crypto tokens, with rising volume support. Meme coins are staying very relevant to traders while top caps range. You can expect to see big FOMO tops and big FUD bottoms with these kinds of coins.

Apr 1

Mar 31

The Solana Ecosystem is Dominating Over the Past Week, With Memecoin Dogwifhat Leading the Charge! 31-03-24, 01:17

The #Solana ecosystem has had a big week, with rising assets like $WIF (+8.9%) & $JUP (+7.9%) continuing their runs Saturday. As for $SOL itself, it nearly eclipsed $200 for the first time since 2021. Enjoy our dedicated watchlist for this sector here!

Mar 23

Bitcoin Safety and Memecoins Driving Market Talks Heading Into Weekend! 23-03-24, 02:13

πŸ“Š As #Bitcoin attempts to rebound following its largest sustained dip in over 5 months, traders have been increasingly focused on the challenges behind holding $BTC in cold storage, via #ETF's, and through various borrowing options.

Also seeing an increasing amount of narratives heading into the weekend, the major #memecoin market cap drops are showing polarized views. Some are still quite euphoric about the freedom and "wild west" concept behind them, while other traders are showing skepticism toward the facade behind them, and potential scams associated with them and the #cryptocurrency markets.

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Mar 15

Markets Bleed Over the Past 24 Hours as Traders Decide Whether to Pounce on the Opportunity 15-03-24, 05:33

πŸ“‰ #Bitcoin has dropped below $68K for the first time since March 8th, and #altcoins have bled significantly as a result. Other than a few anomaly risers like $SOL and $WIF, most notable assets are now being discussed in terms of their prospects for #buyingthedip or #panicselling. Historically, a fair amount of #FUD will be the best crowd reaction to justify a quick #crypto market bounce.

This linked Santiment screener here can be used to filter for assets that have dipped the most over different intervals of time, or you can see which assets traders have turned the most negative toward.

Mar 13

Memecoins Continue to Be a Prime Location for Bitcoin Profit Redistributions 13-03-24, 23:14

#Memecoins had another big day as #Bitcoin's #AllTimeHigh notched above $73.6K. With each $BTC rise in March, it appears profits are quickly being redistributed to speculative assets with low liquidity. Track #memecoin metrics on this useful watchlist.

Mar 8

AI and Memecoin Projects Battling for Market Cap Growth as Bitcoin Rangers at $67K 8-03-24, 03:18

πŸ“Š As #crypto markets remain eerily flat these past 24 hours, the push and pull between #AI coins and #memecoins has resumed.

πŸ€– $AGIX, $RNDR, & $FET surged earlier today, but began dipping 3 hours ago

🐢 $FLOKI, $PEPE, & $WIF dipped earlier today, but began surging 3 hours ago

Explore the above chart comparing these 6 assets here.

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Track all of the notable #memecoin projects on our custom watchlist here.

Mar 6

Top Trending Tokens Reveal Traders Still Have Memecoins on Their Minds! 6-03-24, 20:33

πŸ—£οΈ After the rollercoaster 24 hours following #Bitcoin's new #AllTimeHigh and markets hitting the reset button, #ShibaInu and #DogWifHat are top assets traders are anticipating potential rebounds from. #Solana is seeing speculative #bullishness as well.

Mar 4

Memecoin Watchlist to Quickly Sort Through All the Pumps Throughout the Sector! 4-03-24, 21:04

😺🐢🀣 As #memecoins have made their presence felt during #crypto's historic rise, we introduce a watchlist exclusively for these assets. Among top assets for this category, market caps have risen +150%, and trade volume has risen +1,120%

Explore it here, and use it to formulate new strategies, keep track of specific metrics related to your favorite meme-related projects, and identify social volume divergences.