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Jun 1

USDN related drama. Is it really bad? 1-06-22, 22:06

There was a small piece of drama yesterday in Social Trends.
A small but sizeable piece of what's going on with the market.

Mostly connected to NSBT, USDN and Sasha Ivanov. What are these?

NSBT ensures USDN stablecoin stability on Waves blockchain. Sasha Ivanov is the founder of Waves. Do you feel a relation to LUNA already? Sasha had an AMA recently with Waves community. AMA recap raised quite some concerns in tokens.

From the contrarian point of view it's not bad. Even it will happen, it will not happen now. The crowd is too concerned. And players like Alameda will act against it.

It can make to the Bundesliga of our topics in crypto with negative background. Sometimes it means it can become even more ridiculous. A ridiculous pump.

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