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What Do the Top Trending Topics in Crypto Tell Us About Markets Right Now? 16-02-24, 02:07

It is particularly important to monitor which topics are trending in #crypto while market caps have been on this 4-month growth cycle. Check out our quick video recap of trending topics driving markets like $VET, $OVN, and $52k euphoria!


Feb 14

Altcoins Fluctuating Very Independent of One Another as Volatility From CPI Report Creates Major Opportunities! 14-02-24, 08:35

📊 #Bitcoin is nearing another cross back above $50K, climbing back to $49.8K following the panic drop from yesterday's disappointing #CPI report. Traders that are attentively positioning their portfolios with the right combination of #altcoins are still profiting as projects are quite decoupled from one another at the moment. $VET (+9%), $TAO (+8%), and $STX (+7%) are notable leaders over the past 24 hours.

Social volumes for these projects and others can be tracked on this screener to see which projects are grabbing the crowd's attention next.

On this screener, you can also filter by assets that are flashing the most clear #bullish or #bearish signals to capitalize on the likely next moves of the market. Also try sorting by specific watchlists!

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