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Dec 5

As Crypto Has Mellowed Out, Several Small Caps Continue Breaking Out 5-12-23, 18:03

📈 The #crypto sector has slowed down on market-wide pumps. However, smaller caps continue to enjoy #decouplings as November profits are redistributed. #Onchain metrics are indicating several new assets could pump next, following this past week's notables, $STX, $LUNC, and $ORDI.

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Dec 1

Traders Happy as Altcoins Grow, Even as Bitcoin Moves Slow 1-12-23, 02:38

📈 #Altcoins like #Polkadot, #Avalanche, and #LidoDao have enjoyed nice market cap growth as #Bitcoin continues teasing a possible $40K market value before 2024. Note $BTC's declining social volume & rise in interest in others, which typically hints at a slight crowd greed bias.

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