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Feb 25

The Past Week's Market Movers Have Been Dominated By AI, NFT, DeFi, and ERC-20 Projects 25-02-24, 00:47

📈 This past week has been a story of #crypto sectors taking turns with big pumps.

🪙#AI projects like $AGIX, $AGI, $DBC, $XRP
🪙#NFT projects like $ALI, $TVK, $UOS, $FEAR
🪙#DeFi projects like $UNI, $CVX, $SUSHI, $SPELL
🪙#ERC20 projects like $BLUR, $WOO, $JASMY, $AIOZ

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Bullish and bearish takes on the market today 10-01-23, 18:52

Dear bulls and dear bears,
We have something for each of you, to support your take on the market.

For bears,
We are seeing some patterns emerging now, for example on Lido:

Source: Sanbase

It's in the process of building the top, in the final stage of divergences. Divergence in network activity and in network growth:

Source: Sanbase

Price remains on top, however active addresses and network growth are down.

This is usually a bearish sign, a well known pattern.

Building a top can take time. You never know the timing of top building. No one knows.

For bulls,

The good news is MVRV is not over. It's below dangerous 'overbought' level for a number of assets. Examples below.

Source: Sanbase

We could also assume that some tokens are done, some not yet. We'll see it soon.

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