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Nano, Sui, Litecoin, and FTX Token Hit the Top Trending Tokens List as Overall Markets Cause Concern 12-01-24, 23:14

🗣️ #Bitcoin's brief drop below $42K is leading to trader nervousness heading into the weekend. With all eyes on $BTC and $ETH after the #SpotETF approvals, other assets like $XNO, $SUI, $LTC, and even $FTT are climbing the top trending token leaderboard after recent spikes.

Remember that when coins are hitting the top trending tokens due to major price surges, there is a high probability that a correction is around the corner. This is due to the mainstream, mainly novice traders who are jumping in and trying to "ride the wave" after it has already begun. This allows high capital traders to create sell walls and drive prices back down.