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Jul 4

Address Activity Spikes are Popping Up While You're Sleeping During the Retrace! 4-07-24, 22:18

🤠 Ignoring crypto during this dip? Keep in mind that traders are still staying busy and sizable address activity spikes have been appearing. As bold dip buyers look for opportunities, keep in mind coins like OP, NEXO, and STORJ. These spikes are often reliable reversal signals.

Mar 20

Dec 23

Altcoins With High Levels of FUD You Should Be Watching Include... 23-12-23, 06:06

😒 As markets head into #ChristmasBreak, the coins that have been seeing particularly extreme negative sentiment include $STORJ, $ILV, $LTC, $DYDX. Historically, the assets with the most #FUD correlate with high likelihood of price bounces. 👀

Oct 10

Apr 20

Altcoins With Major Whale Movement During This Dip 20-04-21, 08:12

When volatility strikes, as it has in the negative direction over the past 3-4 days, many traders tend to display a phenomenon known as "freezing up". This behavior is exactly how it sounds - traders don't want to make a mistake and buy into a downswing or sell into an upswing.

However, whales of many altcoins tend to become much MORE active when prices begin to rollercoaster wildly as they have been as Bitcoin dipped to $53k this weekend.

Here are three assets we see with major whale numbers rising this past week, and conversely, falling:

⬆️ Increasing Number of Whale Address

Ethereum ($ETH)

Ren Protocol ($REN)

Band Protocol ($BAND)

⬇️ Decreasing Number of Whale Address

Celcius ($CEL)

Litecoin ($LTC)

Storj ($STORJ)

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