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May 13

Prices and Discussion Rates are Still Sinking, Trading Volumes Sinking Even More! 13-05-24, 01:06

📉 With #bearish sentiment high, #crypto markets have continued to slip over the past week. Overall, the market has dropped -3.6%, and volume is -27% lower than the previous week. $TON, $KAS, $RUNE, and $AKT have kept traders hopeful.

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Mar 13

Avalanche and Injective Top the Assets Being Discussed Most on Social Media Right Now 13-03-24, 02:13

The top trending tokens in #crypto in the past 24 hours are #Avalanche and #Injective following major price breakouts. Explore the ratio of positive, neutral, and negative sentiment for them, as well as $SOL, $BAN, and other hot assets.

Jan 18

Crypto Markets Declining, Bitcoin Back Under $41K. Will FUD Come in and Save the Day? 18-01-24, 20:25

📉 #Crypto continues seeing concerning declines with the totality of market caps we track now down -7.5% in the past week. The #BitcoinETF approvals increasingly look to be a classic 'buy the rumor, sell the news' event, but it is still early. If traders begin to panic, their big sell-offs and #bearish sentiment may trigger a bounce. We will update on sentiment activity shortly.

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Apr 19

Mar 15