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Mar 15

Near is the King of AI and Big Data Development Activity... For Now 15-03-24, 23:57

🧑‍💻 Here are #crypto's top #AI and #BigData related coins, sorted by notable daily development activity rates over the past 30 days:

1) Near Protocol $NEAR

2) Oasis Protocol $ROSE

3) Golem Project $GLM

4) Oraichain $ORAI

5) Ocean Protocol $OCEAN

6) iExec $RLC

7) The Graph Protocol $GRT

8) Bittensor_ $TAO

9) Streamr $DATA

10) Flux $FLUX

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Feb 4

Top Trending Tokens Include SAPP, as Well as Several Trending Tokens: ROSE, LUNC, RLR, and PYTH 4-02-24, 22:33

🗣️ #Sapphire and #OasisNetwork are seeing significant attention, alongside the recent pump from #LunaClassic. As the weekend comes to an end, keep an eye on whether local tops are coming in for #Flare, #PythNetwork, and #Gamercoin as well.

Historically, there is a high chance of many pumping assets on this list correcting due to the rising crowd interest and FOMO associated with the price performances that attract novice traders.

Nov 20