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May 23

Render Token's On-Chain Activity Stays High With Whale Moving $52.1 Worth of Coins in One Big Move 23-05-24, 00:11

🐳 Whale activity has been high among the #AI sector, and #Render has been no exception. A known whale sent 4.89M $RNDR (worth $52.1M) to an unknown wallet earlier today as prices corrected. Those holding this asset should watch for increased volatility.

May 6

Mar 8

Ethereum Closing in on $4K as ERC20's Erupt With Whale Activity 8-03-24, 07:11

πŸ“ˆπŸ³ #Ethereum's market value is up to $3,920 and the #2 cap ranked market price ratio vs. #Bitcoin is +9.5% in the past 3 days. When these kinds of price dominance flips occur, we often see profits quickly redistribute, and whales becoming very active in #ERC20-based #altcoins.

$FTM, $FET, $RNDR, $ZRX, and $RSR have all recently had (at least) 3-month high spikes in the amount of $100K+ transactions happening on their networks. The respective projects have seen large market cap surges along with the $ETH rise as well.

Check out the link to the pictured chart here.

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AI and Memecoin Projects Battling for Market Cap Growth as Bitcoin Rangers at $67K 8-03-24, 03:18

πŸ“Š As #crypto markets remain eerily flat these past 24 hours, the push and pull between #AI coins and #memecoins has resumed.

πŸ€– $AGIX, $RNDR, & $FET surged earlier today, but began dipping 3 hours ago

🐢 $FLOKI, $PEPE, & $WIF dipped earlier today, but began surging 3 hours ago

Explore the above chart comparing these 6 assets here.

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Mar 7

If You Like AI and Big Data Crypto Projects, You Loved Wednesday's Market Cap Surge 7-03-24, 01:51

#AI and #BigData projects have broken out in the midst of traders being seemingly distracted by #dipbuy opportunities for #Bitcoin and various #memecoins. A portfolio filled with the 100 AI #crypto assets from our watchlist grew by +30.7% in 24 hours.

Feb 22

New AI and Big Data Screener and Watchlist Make it Easy to Track One of the Hottest Crypto Sectors of 2024! 22-02-24, 05:16

πŸ€– With the increased rise in interest in #AI and #BigData in #crypto, we have a new watchlist to allow you to keep tabs on this rising sector. Among top price risers over the past week, $AGI (+182%), $ALI(+138%), and $AGIX (+122%) have stood out.

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Feb 5

Flare, Ronin, and Chainlink Have Enjoyed Great Weeks, But Overall Crypto Volume is Evaporating 5-02-24, 01:12

πŸ“Š #Crypto market caps have edged up +0.5% over the past week, despite trading volumes dropping off -20.3% compared to the week prior. Highlight assets have included $FLR, $RON, $LINK, $TAO, and $RNDR. #Bitcoin continues seeing less attention as eyes turn to pumping #altcoins.

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Jan 17

Video: What Did the HUGE Day of Bitcoin, Injective, and Render Whale Transactions Mean For Upcoming Markets? 17-01-24, 06:14

πŸ“ΊπŸ³ The whales were EXTREMELY active on a busy up and down Tuesday. Did three separate 9-figure USD transactions on the Bitcoin network potentially change the landscape and foreshadow a downturn? We explore the possibilities in our latest video!

Dec 1

Traders Happy as Altcoins Grow, Even as Bitcoin Moves Slow 1-12-23, 02:38

πŸ“ˆ #Altcoins like #Polkadot, #Avalanche, and #LidoDao have enjoyed nice market cap growth as #Bitcoin continues teasing a possible $40K market value before 2024. Note $BTC's declining social volume & rise in interest in others, which typically hints at a slight crowd greed bias.

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May 23