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May 15

Speculative Assets Continue to Soar as Speculative Trading Reigns Supreme 15-05-24, 17:14

📈 The #memecoin sector has been surging above all others in #crypto in Q2. Assets like $PEPE (+100%), $PONKE (+96%), $MAGA (+80%), $TURBO (+78%), and $BITCOIN (+76%) have been major beneficiaries. This past week, #meme assets are +136% in volume.

Check out the link to our memecoin watchlist, and find the trading opportunities right for your strategy.

May 14

The Memes are Creating Dreams After Roaring Kitty's Return 14-05-24, 00:02

📈😻 #Memecoins had an eyebrow raising start to the week, with breakouts and decouplings all over the place the past 24 hours. Among the top 50 assets in this sector, trading volumes exceeded a +34% rise.

$PEPE, $MAGA, $MOG, $BITCOIN, $PONKE, $PEPE2.0, $SPX, and $ANALOS are all coins to have on your radar with major volatility opportunities.

Not pictured are the staggering emergences of $GME (crypto token) and $ROAR.

Explore the #memecoin watchlist here, and sort by highest gainers, losers, and coins with the biggest #onchain and social #bullish divergences.

May 9

Memes are the Themes as Crypto Markets Showing Big Signs of Life! 9-05-24, 23:12

📈🐶 The top 50 #memecoins have collectively grown their market caps by +10% in the past week as #crypto and speculative #altcoins have enjoyed this May rebound. Top 24-hour performers include:

🪙 #MAGA $TRUMP +50%
🪙 #Turbo $TURBO +38%
🪙 #Ponke $PONKE +12%
🪙 #Myro $MYRO +9%

Enjoy the meme coin watchlist link here, and let us know which projects you're watching closely!