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May 26

ONDO is the Talk of Crypto as it Makes a Name for Itself in the RWA Category 26-05-24, 07:03

📈 #Ondo (+75% market cap rise in 11 days) is the top trending token in #crypto, and its presence has been hard to ignore.

👉 February 26th Non-Empty $ONDO Wallets: 5,110
👉 May 26th Non-Empty $ONDO Wallets: 33,225 (+550% Rise)

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Apr 22

Apr 8

Apr 1

Mar 30

New Real World Asset Watchlist Makes it Easy to Follow the Rapidly Rising Sector! 30-03-24, 00:12

#RealWorldAssets have soared this week, with market cap explosions for the sector throughout #crypto. The #tokenization of physical assets are being increasingly added to the #blockchain.

Santiment is constantly looking to make large quantities of data, especially for new sectors, easily accessible. Now keep track #RWAs all in one spot with this new watchlist, and see trends, filter for specific bullish/bearish divergences, and plenty more!

Jan 22

Top 10 Trending Tokens Include MANTA Due to New Exchange Listings, Along With Pumping Assets CTSI, ONTO, DOGE, AMP 22-01-24, 18:47

🗣️ Several tokens have seen mid-sized breakouts over the past few days, including $CTSI, $ONDO, $DOGE, $AMP and $MANTA. Pumping assets on the list have a significantly higher probability of correcting in the short-term, or bouncing if they have been dropping.

This is due to the fact that novice traders and the mainstream crowd generally begin discussing them due to their current price narratives, and creating #FOMO-related tops or #FUD-related bottoms. Check out Santiment's top 10 trending tokens here!

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