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Jun 10

Jupiter, Pyth, and Neon All Ascend Up the Solana Development Activity Leaderboard 10-06-24, 22:12

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top projects that are part of the Solana ecosystem, sorted by average daily notable development activity over the past 30 days:

📈 1 Jupiter $JUP
📉 2 Wormhole $W
📈 3 Pythnetwork $PYTH
📈 4 Neon $NEON
📉 5 Solana $SOL
📉 6 Helium $IOT
📉 7 Helium Mobile $MOBILE
📈 8 Drift $DRIFT
📉 9 Metaplex $MPLX
📉 10 Marinade $MNDE

Check out this sector's watchlist here, and keep tabs on it as the 'cream rises to the top' among Solana-based projects over time.

Here is the latest write-up on Santiment's methodology for pulling important #github activity data from project repositories.

Apr 6

Wormhole Sits Atop the Most Developed Project List on the Solana Ecosystem 6-04-24, 19:19

Here are #crypto's top #Solana ecosystem projects, sorted by notable development activity in the past 30 days:

1 Wormhole $W
2 Solana $SOL
3 Jupiter $JUP
4 Pyth $PYTH
5 Neon $NEON
6 Helium $IOT
7 Helium Mobile $MOBILE
8 Mango $MNGO
9 Metaplex $MPLX
10 Marinade $MNDE

Check out the Solana project watchlist as the ecosystem continues to expand throughout 2024.

Read about the Santiment methodology for pulling #github activity data from project repositories, and why it is so useful for #crypto trading:

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