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May 20

Mar 7

If You Like AI and Big Data Crypto Projects, You Loved Wednesday's Market Cap Surge 7-03-24, 01:51

#AI and #BigData projects have broken out in the midst of traders being seemingly distracted by #dipbuy opportunities for #Bitcoin and various #memecoins. A portfolio filled with the 100 AI #crypto assets from our watchlist grew by +30.7% in 24 hours.

Feb 22

New AI and Big Data Screener and Watchlist Make it Easy to Track One of the Hottest Crypto Sectors of 2024! 22-02-24, 05:16

🤖 With the increased rise in interest in #AI and #BigData in #crypto, we have a new watchlist to allow you to keep tabs on this rising sector. Among top price risers over the past week, $AGI (+182%), $ALI(+138%), and $AGIX (+122%) have stood out.

Enjoy the link to our AI and Big Data screener, and enjoy using the public watchlist as well!

Jan 22

Is This the Beginning of a Bigger Crypto Retrace, Or the Perfect Bounce Opportunity? 22-01-24, 20:23

📉 #Bitcoin briefly fell below $40K for the first time since December 4th. Monday has been a bloodbath for most of the #crypto sector. Notably, there is 35% less discussion toward $BTC and 21% less toward $ETH compared to the prior #ETF approval week. #FUD is beginning to enter the picture, which should create nice price bounce opportunities when it reaches its peak.

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Dec 21

Solana, Stacks, and Near May Have Tops Coming After Entering the Top 3 Most Trending Tokens 21-12-23, 00:07

🗣️ #Solana (+13%), #Stacks (+23%), and #NEARprotocol (+17%) are the top trending assets, according to rising social volumes. In each case, when there is mainstream talk at this level, #FOMO will create price tops. If holding any, take a cautious approach.

Dec 20