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How Polygon (MATIC) Continues to Climb the Market Cap Rank Charts
28-04-21, 01:36

MATIC has pressed its way up to being the 37th largest market cap in cryptocurrency, and this is no fluke according to Santiment's on-chain and social fundamental metrics.

Here are a few quick charts that we can use that foreshadowed the monumental growth from the ETH-based asset, particularly its peak +185% price jump in just the past five days.

The Good News

Daily Active Addresses have exploded the last couple of days, and continue its long-term rise.

Network growth shows a similar long-term rise.

Unique tokens are being circulated between addresses at a significantly faster rate.

The Bad News

The rate of development from MATIC's Github is moving downward.

Whale addresses with 100,000 tokens or more are declining over the past 6 weeks.

Active deposits are not far behind active addresses, meaning plenty of coins are being moved to exchanges to take profit.


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Active Addresses vs. Active Deposits - Which Assets are Seeing Nice Upticks?
05-04-21, 07:04

We recently posted about Ethereum's return above $2,000 this past week, and our explanation on one of the key contributors to why.

When active addresses move up over time for a crypto asset, while active deposits move down, it's a reliable indication of a token seeing growing utility without funds moving to exchanges for potential sell-offs. In other words, this is a very bullish pattern our pro traders look for often.

Our new Daily Active Deposits & Non-Deposit Activity Sansheets Model easily identifies which assets are developing patterns similar to Ethereum's. Here's a snapshot of which activity vs. deposit ratios are rising vs. their 3-month resting averages:

Here are some of the largest bullish divergences, according to this model. We look for high green bars (indicating large activity/deposit ratios), and large green dots on the above model, and rising orange lines on Sanbase here:

Skale ($SKL)

Enjin Coin ($ENJ)

Decentraland ($MANA)

Matic ($MATIC)

Sentivate ($SNTVT)

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