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Feb 4

Top Trending Tokens Include SAPP, as Well as Several Trending Tokens: ROSE, LUNC, RLR, and PYTH 4-02-24, 22:33

🗣️ #Sapphire and #OasisNetwork are seeing significant attention, alongside the recent pump from #LunaClassic. As the weekend comes to an end, keep an eye on whether local tops are coming in for #Flare, #PythNetwork, and #Gamercoin as well.

Historically, there is a high chance of many pumping assets on this list correcting due to the rising crowd interest and FOMO associated with the price performances that attract novice traders.

Dec 11

Dec 5

As Crypto Has Mellowed Out, Several Small Caps Continue Breaking Out 5-12-23, 18:03

📈 The #crypto sector has slowed down on market-wide pumps. However, smaller caps continue to enjoy #decouplings as November profits are redistributed. #Onchain metrics are indicating several new assets could pump next, following this past week's notables, $STX, $LUNC, and $ORDI.

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Sep 30

Sep 26

LUNC: one more follow-up 26-09-22, 11:58

After being hammered down for a couple weeks by the news about an order for Do Kwon's arrest, and the Interpol involvement, LUNC finally got some positive news:

The price reacted promptly, leaving all the shorters in the dust. Trading volume and social volume behaved in a similar fashion:

Will anyone dare to step in front of this locomotive (maybe the legendary GCR himself)? And will Binance's involvement be enough to push LUNC to a new ATH? One way to find out.

Sep 13

LUNC: a short (pun intended) follow-up 13-09-22, 08:25

This is what we are seeing on top of Reddit's cryptocurrency page right now, after LUNC already did a -50%:

During his first short, people were ridiculing him left right and center, but now the situation is much difference. People in the comment section are very supportive of the idea of going short on LUNC right now.

Sep 8