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Jun 11

Loopring Network Gets Compromised, Do You Want to Gamble On the Crowd-Induced Dip? 11-06-24, 00:57

➰😱 Loopring's network was compromised by a hack valued at over $5M. The project's market cap has predictably dropped as trust among the crypto community has shrunk. FUD is likely compounding the -22% $LRC 4-day drop, and there is a likely opportunity to buy into others' fear.


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Jan 24

Bitcoin Cash & Loopring Being Shorted on Crypto's Largest Exchange... Will Their Bounces Have Legs? 24-01-24, 02:13

📊 #BitcoinCash and #Loopring are among the assets that are being shorted on #Binance after the #crypto markets dropped heavily this week. They are already showing signs of bounces, and short #liquidations would only act as rocket fuel if markets recover.

Check out our Binance funding rate chart here, and plug in other assets you may be interested in!

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