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Apr 3

INJ: how does this look for you? 3-04-24, 12:39

1. MVRV 7d/30d near yearly lows:

2. Increasing whales balances (from $3.5M):



Mar 13

Avalanche and Injective Top the Assets Being Discussed Most on Social Media Right Now 13-03-24, 02:13

The top trending tokens in #crypto in the past 24 hours are #Avalanche and #Injective following major price breakouts. Explore the ratio of positive, neutral, and negative sentiment for them, as well as $SOL, $BAN, and other hot assets.

Feb 14

Altcoins Fluctuating Very Independent of One Another as Volatility From CPI Report Creates Major Opportunities! 14-02-24, 08:35

πŸ“Š #Bitcoin is nearing another cross back above $50K, climbing back to $49.8K following the panic drop from yesterday's disappointing #CPI report. Traders that are attentively positioning their portfolios with the right combination of #altcoins are still profiting as projects are quite decoupled from one another at the moment. $VET (+9%), $TAO (+8%), and $STX (+7%) are notable leaders over the past 24 hours.

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Jan 17

Video: What Did the HUGE Day of Bitcoin, Injective, and Render Whale Transactions Mean For Upcoming Markets? 17-01-24, 06:14

πŸ“ΊπŸ³ The whales were EXTREMELY active on a busy up and down Tuesday. Did three separate 9-figure USD transactions on the Bitcoin network potentially change the landscape and foreshadow a downturn? We explore the possibilities in our latest video!

Dec 18

Dec 17

Market Caps are Shrinking, With the Exception of Internet Computer and a Small Handful of Altcoins 17-12-23, 23:33

πŸ“‰ #Crypto has seen a mild slide in its final non-holiday weekend of 2023. #Bitcoin has dropped back to $41.6K, while #Ethereum is faring a bit better as it hangs just above $2,200. #InternetComputer has been the outlier, more than doubling its market cap in a week.

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Dec 13

Dec 1

Traders Happy as Altcoins Grow, Even as Bitcoin Moves Slow 1-12-23, 02:38

πŸ“ˆ #Altcoins like #Polkadot, #Avalanche, and #LidoDao have enjoyed nice market cap growth as #Bitcoin continues teasing a possible $40K market value before 2024. Note $BTC's declining social volume & rise in interest in others, which typically hints at a slight crowd greed bias.

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Apr 17